OHAUS ION-100A Static Ionizer

OHAUS ION-100A Static Ionizer

OHAUS ION-100A Static Ionizer

How does static affect your weighing results?

When the ambient relative humidity (RH) is below 45%, insulators such as plastics are typically charged with static electricity. This can cause errors of several milligrams, and impact weighing results. For example, powdery substances with a static charge might stick to to the edge of the test tube—making it difficult to weigh and to clean up.

DC Corona Method

The OHAUS Ionizer ION-100A uses the DC Corona Method to eliminate static charges. Two polarity electrodes continuously generate positive and negative ions. These ions are attracted to ions of the opposite polarity, neutralizing the sample within a charged environment. Eventually, 99% of the static charge will be removed from the container. The most effective area is 10–40 cm way from the charged body.

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Temperature Range 5°C to 40°C
Warranty 12 months
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