Weigh Pans

Weigh Pans
Stainless steel weigh pans to suit OHAUS laboratory balances and weighing scales
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30076186 - OHAUS High Capacity balance weigh pan

Suits the following OHAUS Explorer EX series and OHAUS Ranger 7000 models:EX12001 EX24001 EX35001 R71MD15 R71MD35 R71MD60 R71MHD15 R71MHD35Pan size - 377mm x 311mm ..

$267.80 Ex Tax: $243.45

83032084 - OHAUS Navigator NVT scale weigh pan

NVT2201 NVT4201 NVT6201 NVT2200 NVT6200 NVT12000 NVT22000Pan size - 230mm x 174mm ..

$27.50 Ex Tax: $25.00

83032742 - OHAUS Navigator NVL scale weigh pan

NVL511 NVL1101 NVL2101 NVL5101 NVL10000 NVL20000Pan size - 194mm x 203mm ..

$44.39 Ex Tax: $40.35