OHAUS centrifuges are great for those in laboratories or life science sectors looking to separate liquids from solids or fluids of different densities.

The product works in a rotating motion to apply force and a spinning motion to the contents inside.

The OHAUS centrifuges are perfect for almost every application with models available to spin 1.5ml to 250ml tubes using both angle and swing-out rotors.

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OHAUS Frontier 5000 FC5306 Mini Centrifuge

The OHAUS Frontier 5306 is a powerful mini centrifuge for simple and rapid liquid separation. The Frontier 5306 includes an 8-position 1.5/2 mL tube rotor as well as a 4-position 8-strip PCR tube rot..

$489.50 $391.60 Ex Tax: $356.00

OHAUS Frontier 5000 FC5706 Multi Centrifuge

The OHAUS Frontierâ„¢ 5706 is a small benchtop multi-function centrifuge ideal for a multitude of spin-down applications. Characterized by reliability, various safety features, the ability to accommodat..

$3,294.50 $2,470.88 Ex Tax: $2,246.25