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Authorised OHAUS Australia distributor - Established 1996 - ABN: 33 758 169 553

Supplier of laboratory balances - analytical, precision and semi-micro balances. Precision scales - bench, compact, counting, jewellery, shipping and platform scales. Laboratory instruments - pH meters, centrifuges, stirrers, hot plate stirrers and shakers. We supply Accessories and Spare Parts for the entire range of OHAUS instruments sold in Australia. Contact us with your requirements and a quick response.


The OHAUS Navigator stacking and storage cover fits all NV models in the Navigator range. *The draf..
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OHAUS Ranger Count 3000 RC31P15 - 15kg x 0.5g counting scale On Backorder
The Best Compact Counting Scale in its Class! The multi-purpose OHAUS Ranger Count 3000 RC31P15 has..
$808.50 $606.38
Ex Tax: $551.25
100g Class F1 Stainless Steel Calibration Mass On Backorder
Suitable for quality assurance checking and/or calibration of analytical balances and precision sc..
Ex Tax: $72.00
Compatible ModelsBench Scale, D71P100HL2Bench Scale, D71P15HR1Bench Scale, D71P60HR1Bench Scale, D51..
Ex Tax: $197.35
Glass door kit to suit OHAUS Adventurer AX - 3 and 4 decimal place balances Consists of the followi..
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A robust multi-purpose scale for general weighing applications Suitable for education, laboratory a..
$531.30 $398.48
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