OHAUS Pioneer PA213C - 210g x 0.001g precision balance with InCal Designed for basic routine weighi..
OHAUS CS5000 - 5000g x 1g Special
OHAUS CS5000 - 5000g x 1g compact scale A lightweight, portable scale perfectly suited for use in l..
OHAUS Moisture Analyser Disposable Sample PansSuits all OHAUS Moisture AnalysersMB23, MB25, MB35, MB..
OHAUS Valor 1000 V11P6 - 6000g x 1g bench scale An economical choice for your basic weighing needs...
OHAUS Traveler TA502 - 500g x 0.01g Designed with a unique draftshield that offers weigh-thru capab..
OHAUS Explorer EX2202/E - 2200g x 0.01g precision balance Features a user friendly application-base..
OHAUS Scout STX421 - 420g x 0.1g Precision Scale Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, ..
OHAUS ES50L - 50kg x 0.02kg low profile bench scale Features include:Low profile design Easy 2..