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Authorised OHAUS Australia distributor

ABN: 33 758 169 553 - Established 1996

Supplier of laboratory balances - analytical, precision and semi-micro balances. Precision scales - bench, compact, counting, jewellery, shipping and platform scales. Laboratory instruments - pH meters, centrifuges, stirrers, hot plate stirrers and shakers. Calibration masses - stainless steel and cast iron

A robust multi-purpose scale for general weighing applications Suitable for education, laboratory a..
$550.00 $440.00
Ex Tax: $400.00
Space-saving roll-up mechanism Simple read-out of results through display window Durable tape ma..
Ex Tax: $35.00
OHAUS Explorer EX125 - 120g x 0.01mg semi-micro balance On Backorder
The OHAUS Explorer EX125 semi-micro balance is designed with technology to ensure that your very spe..
$8,607.50 $6,886.00
Ex Tax: $6,260.00
Features a user friendly application-based graphical software platform in concert with enhanced weig..
$5,478.00 $4,382.40
Ex Tax: $3,984.00
Designed specifically for laboratory and educational environments.Integrated superior overload p..
$742.50 $594.00
Ex Tax: $540.00
The OHAUS Navigator stacking and storage cover fits all NV models in the Navigator rangeNV222 N..
Ex Tax: $21.00