Laboratory Balance and Precision Scale Specialists

Authorised OHAUS Dealer - Brisbane, Australia

OHAUS Adventurer AX5202M - 5200g x 0.1g Trade Approved Precision Balance The Most Complete Precisio..
OHAUS Scout STX223 - 220g x 0.001g Precision Scale Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications..
OHAUS Explorer EX223/E - 220g x 0.001g precision balance Features a user friendly application-based..
OHAUS FD15H - 15000g x 1g food portion scale The OHAUS FD15H food portioning scale is a rugged, mul..
OHAUS Ranger 7000 R71MHD15 - 15kg x 0.1g Precision Scale For Ranger 7000, there is one resounding t..
OHAUS Scout SKX222 - 220g x 0.01g Precision Scale Designed specifically for laboratory and educatio..
OHAUS Explorer EX225D - 120/220g x 0.01/0.1mg Dual Range Semi-Micro Balance When laboratory work an..
OHAUS Valor 4000 V41PWE15T - 15kg x 5g Washdown Bench Scale - Trade Approved The OHAUS Valor 4000 T..
OHAUS Explorer EX35001 - 35000g x 0.1g high capacity precision balance Features a user friendly app..
OHAUS Traveler TA502 - 500g x 0.01g Compact Scale Designed with a unique draftshield that offers we..