SECA Products and Accessories

SECA Products and Accessories

Seca History

The history of a successful family business.

Working with the same subject matter since 1840, Seca is dedicated to providing high-precision, timeless modern scales and measuring systems. You could also say that we have excessive aspirations, attempting to come as close to perfection as possible everyday. For over 175 years, we are simply passionate about our work.

It is therefore not a coincidence that we have been the market leader in our field for several years. We feel good making the world a little bit healthier and everyday we take small steps progressing toward big groundbreaking developments.

Seca may not have been here today if a brave pioneer had not had the courage to believe in his own idea in 1840 before many imitators then came along later.

We have been at your side from the very beginning and that is very exciting, we look forward to continuing to move ahead with you through life. There is no end in sight...

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Seca keypad membrane - suits 634, 664, 676, 684, 954

This keypad membrane suits the Seca indicator that is included with a variety of Seca products:Seca 634 bariatric scale Seca 664 wheelchair scale Seca 676 wheelchair scale Seca 684 multifunctio..

$170.50 $68.20 Ex Tax: $62.00

Seca 491 BMI Calculator

ONLY TWO LEFT! Seca 491 Battery- and solar operated BMI calculator for quick, easy determination of the individual Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity is considered to be the fastest growing health risk i..

$57.20 $22.88 Ex Tax: $20.80

Seca 206 measuring tape

ONLY FOUR LEFT!Space-saving roll-up mechanism Simple read-out of results through display window Durable tape made of metalThe space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism. Uncomplicated fixi..

$63.80 $25.52 Ex Tax: $23.20

Seca SE400 power adaptor

ONLY ONE LEFT! This genuine Seca 400 power adaptor suits the following Seca products: Baby Scales:Seca 334 Seca 336 Seca 374 Seca 376Column Scales:Seca 703 Seca 704 Seca 769 Seca 7..

$148.50 $59.40 Ex Tax: $54.00