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Precision Balances

Precision balances, also known as laboratory balances or lab scales, are commonly used where high accuracy is required.

Fitted with a force compensation measuring cell, unlike a basic load cell in a precision scale, precision balances provide the ultimate in accuracy.

OHAUS Pioneer precision balance

Model Capacity Resolution
PA213 210g 0.001g
PA213C 210g 0.001g
PA413 410g 0.001g
PA413C 410g 0.001g
PA512 510g 0.01g
PA512C 510g 0.01g
PA2102 2100g 0.01g
PA2102C 2100g 0.01g
PA4102 4100g 0.01g
PA4102C 4100g 0.01g
PA4101 4100g 0.1g
PA4101C 4100g 0.1g
OHAUS Pioneer brochure
OHAUS Pioneer user guide

OHAUS Pioneer Precision Balance

Our best seller to high schools, universities, and commercial laboratories. Reliable accuracy, at an affordable price.

The OHAUS Pioneer series of precision balances are designed for basic routine weighing.

  • Economically priced, precision laboratory balances
  • Standard RS232 interface
  • Level indicator at front of balance for easy setup
  • Weigh below hook on all models for specific gravity and density calculations
  • Multiple application modes - weighing, parts counting, percent
  • Multiple weighing units - milligrams, grams, carats, ounces, grains and more
  • All 3 decimal place balances are fitted with a draft shield for optimum accuracy
  • Draft shield glass panels are easily removed for cleaning
  • Pan size and material
    • 120mm round - PA213, PA413
    • 180mm round - PA512, PA2102, PA4102, PA4101
    • stainless steel
  • C models are fitted with InCal™ - built-in calibration mass

OHAUS Explorer precision balance

Model Capacity Resolution
EX223 220g 0.001g
EX423 420g 0.001g
EX623 620g 0.001g
EX1103 1100g 0.001g
EX2202 2200g 0.01g
EX4202 4200g 0.01g
EX6202 6200g 0.01g
EX10202 10200g 0.01g
EX6201 6200g 0.1g
EX10201 10200g 0.1g
OHAUS Explorer brochure
OHAUS Explorer user guide

OHAUS Explorer Precision Balance

The all-new OHAUS Explorer with full colour VGA graphic display

Intelligent. Intuitive. Ingeniously practical.

  • Explorer delivers accurate results within seconds, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput, with a stabilization time up to 50% faster
  • SmarText™ 2.0 is OHAUS' easy-to-use graphical software featuring 14 applications, QWERTY and numeric keypads, and below-minimum weight indication
  • Explorer's draftshield on 3 decimal place models provides ample access and visibility to the weighing chamber and features antistatic coated glass. Draftshield option for other models.
  • Explorer features four touchless sensors for hands-free operation of print, calibration, tare, and other selectable functions
  • AutoCal™ ensures performance and assists with routine maintenance by automatically calibrating the balance daily
  • Explorer is the industry's most easy-to-use balance, featuring leveling assistance and instructional messaging for quick out-of-the-box setup and use
  • Explorer's modular design features a colour touch display that can be seperated from the weighing base
  • Applications - weighing, percent weighing, dynamic weighing, totalization, differtial weighing, peak hold, parts counting, pipette adjustment, check weighing, filling, formulation, density determination, ingredient costing, SQC
  • Pan size and material
    • 130mm round - EX223, EX423, EX623, EX1103
    • 190mm x 200mm - All 2 and 1 decimal place balances
    • stainless steel weigh pan

OHAUS Explorer high capacity precision balance

Model Capacity Resolution
EX12001 12000g 0.1g
EX24001 24000g 0.1g
EX35001 35000g 0.1g
OHAUS Explorer high capacity brochure
OHAUS Explorer high capacity user guide

OHAUS Explorer High Capacity Precision Balance

The OHAUS Explorer series of precision balances are state of the art, fully featured instruments

  • 5.7" colour VGA touch screen
  • Two sensors on display offer hands free operation
  • The display can be seperated from the base by up to 2 metres
    • Optional 9 metre cable available
  • IP54 protection
  • Applications - weighing, percent, counting, dynamic animal weighing, density, differential, and more
  • Standard RS232 and USB data interface ports
  • Pan size and material
    • 37.7cm x 31.1cm - stainless steel
  • AutoCal™ internal calibration standard on all models - balances calibrates itself automatically

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