Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Power supplies, power adaptors, power leads and line cords to suit OHAUS products sold in Australia

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46001812 - power adaptor to suit V11, V11PW, EB, EC scales

OHAUS power adaptor to suit the following scales:Valor 1000 V11 bench scales (all models) Valor 1000 V11PW (all models) EB bench scales (all models) EC counting scales (all models)Australia..

$60.50 Ex Tax: $55.00

72200228 - Power Cord - suits all OHAUS R31, RC31, V71 models

Australian specification power cord to suit the following OHAUS products:OHAUS Ranger 3000 - all models OHAUS Ranger Count 3000 - all models OHAUS Valor 7000 - all models..

$44.00 Ex Tax: $40.00