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A range of industrial strength platform scales to suit all weighing tasks at hand..

Can be used on either a bench or floor.

OHAUS Defender 2000 bench scale

Model Capacity Resolution
D24PE30FR 30kg 5g
D24PE60FR 60kg 10g
D24PE60FL 60kg 10g
D24PE150FL 150kg 20g
D24PE150FX 150kg 20g
D24PE300FX 300kg 50g
D24PE300FV 300kg 50g
D24PE600FV 600kg 100g
OHAUS Defender 2000 brochure
OHAUS Defender 2000 user guide

OHAUS Defender 2000 Bench Scale

The OHAUS Defender 2000 is designed for dependability and durability at a practical price!

A basic indicator for general weighing duties.

  • Economically priced, durable bench scale for commercial and industrial weighing
  • RS232 interface standard
  • 20mm high red LED digits
  • Multiple application modes
    • weighing, parts counting
  • Pan size and material
    • FR models - 30cm x 35cm
    • FL model - 40cm x 50cm
    • FX models - 50cm x 60cm
    • FV models - 60cm x 80cm
    • stainless steel platform
  • Powered by
    • built-in rechargeable battery - ~80 hours use per charge
    • 240VAC power adaptor
OHAUS Defender 3000 bench scale
Model Capacity Resolution
D31P30BR 30kg 2g
D31P60BR 60kg 5g
D31P60BL 60kg 5g
D31P150BL 150kg 10g
D31P150BX 150kg 10g
D31P300BX 300kg 20g
OHAUS Defender 3000 brochure
OHAUS Defender 3000 user guide

OHAUS Defender 3000 Bench Scale

The OHAUS Defender 3000 series of bench scales is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas.

The Defender 3000 series feature a simple, yet rugged, tubular-frame base design and indicators with tactile keys, backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities.

The Defender 3000 series is the solution to your weighing applications that require dependability within an affordable budget.

  • Robust and reliable electronic floor scale
  • OHAUS T31P indicator features a high-impact ABS housing
  • Reversible front/rear cover for either wall, column or table top mounting
  • 25mm LCD weight display with high contrast backlight
  • Parts counting mode with selectable sample sizes, last sample size and average piece weight data
  • Built-in bidirectional RS232C with manual/continuous/interval printing
  • Tactile mechanical switches with hardware configuration lockout switch
  • Powered by internal rechargeable battery and external 240VAC power adaptor
  • 304 stainless steel pan with painted carbon steel tubular frame and aluminium IP67 load cell
  • Non-slip rubber levelling feet with locking nuts and externally visible level indicator
  • Pan size
    • BR models - 30.5cm x 35.5cm
    • BL models - 42cm x 55cm
    • BX models - 50cm x 65cm
OHAUS Defender 5000 bench scale
Model Capacity Resolution
D51P15HR1 15kg 0.5g
D51P30HR1 30kg 1g
D51P60HR1 60kg 2g
D51P60HL2 60kg 2g
D51P100HL2 100kg 5g
D51P150HX2 150kg 5g
D51P300HX2 300kg 10g
OHAUS Defender 5000 brochure

OHAUS Defender 5000 Bench Scale

The OHAUS Defender 5000 Series is a feature-rich line of indicators, bases and bench scales, that is ideal for shipping and receiving, production, packing and general commercial and industrial weighing applications.

The Defender 5000 for general purpose applications features rugged stainless steel pans and painted steel frames and columns. Its durable ABS plastic indicator is a powerful weighing machine; by enabling its various modes, you have the flexibility to customize the scale for a wider variety of specific applications at no additional cost or complexity.

With rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software operations, multiple connectivity options, optional NiMH battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities, the Defender 5000 is your dependable one-product solution for an expandable range of weighing operations.

  • Robust and reliable, electronic floor scale
  • OHAUS T51P indicator can be mounted on supplied column, or wall or bench mounted
  • High visibility 25mm LCD weight display with backlight
  • Multiple modes including - weighing, counting, checkweighing, display hold
  • 3 colour LED checkweigh indicator with configurable beeper signal
  • Built-in bidirectional RS232C with manual/continuous/interval printing
  • Powered by:
    • 240VAC mains power adaptor (included)
    • 6 x C size alkaline batteries (not included)
    • Optional internal rechargeable NiMh battery
  • Pan size
    • HR models - 35.5cm x 30.5cm
    • HL models - 50cm x 40cm
    • HX models - 55cm x 42cm

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