OHAUS Pioneer PA2102C

OHAUS Pioneer PA2102C

The Best Precision Balance For Basic Weighing!

The OHAUS Pioneer PA2102C precision balance is designed for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications.

With the right combination of performance and features, the OHAUS Pioneer PA2102C offers uncomplicated performance for all your basic weighing needs.

Standard Features Include:

  • Pioneer is designed with selectable environmental settings and three filter modes in order to ensure accurate operation in a variety of conditions
  • An up-front level indicator is located right next to the display and allows the user to quickly make sure the balance is level prior to use
  • InCal - inbuilt calibration mass

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Capacity 2100g
Readability 0.01g
Construction ABS housing, stainless steel weigh pan
Repeatability 10mg
Linearity 20mg
Stabilization Time 3 seconds
Weighing Units g, kg, ct, lb, oz, dwt, tical, tola, mommes, baht, grain, mesghal, Newton, ozt, teals, custom
Application Modes weighing, parts counting, percent
Display Type LCD
Pan Size 18cm
Power 240VAC power adaptor
Calibration InCal - inbuilt calibration mass, and external masses (not included)
Data Interface RS232
Weigh Below Yes
Draftshield No
Trade Approved No
Warranty 3 years
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  • Availability: In Stock

2100g x 0.01g

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