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Hot Deals

Hot Deals on New and Reconditioned Laboratory Balances, Scales and Equipment

Reconditioned instruments have a minimum 30 day warranty.

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OHAUS Aviator A71P15TN - 15kg x 0.005kg retail scale

Standard features include:Light-Touch Technology – This innovative keyboard technology delivers advanced weighing and signal processing for extremely fast operation and the keysheet layers can be ..

$726.00 $363.00 Ex Tax: $330.00

OHAUS CL2000 - 2kg x 1g compact scale

Applications can include quality control, formulation, soil sampling, jewellery, postal weighing and dietary weighing. Standard features include:Integrated load cell locking device Powered by 3 ..

$110.00 $77.00 Ex Tax: $70.00

OHAUS CS200 - 200g x 0.1g compact scale

A lightweight, portable scale perfectly suited for use in laboratory, industrial, education and home use applications. Applications can include forensic testing, quality control, formulation, soil sa..

$198.00 $165.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

OHAUS HH120D - 60g/120g x 0.1g/0.2g compact scale

Convenient, compact and portable weighing capability in the palm of your hand! These little scales with sleek styling and convenient size are ideal to take anywhere. Throw it in a brief case or drop ..

$143.00 $110.00 Ex Tax: $100.00

Seca 354 - 10/20kg x 10/20g dual range baby scale

Features include:Weigh tray detaches from base for weighing small children Breast milk intake function Mobile and robust for easy transport Powered by 4 x AA batteries kg / lbs switch Weight ..

$374.00 $187.00 Ex Tax: $170.00

Seca 491 BMI Calculator

Seca 491 Battery- and solar operated BMI calculator for quick, easy determination of the individual Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity is considered to be the fastest growing health risk in the world.It i..

$57.20 $28.60 Ex Tax: $26.00

Seca 206 measuring tape

Space-saving roll-up mechanism Simple read-out of results through display window Durable tape made of metalThe space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism. Uncomplicated fixing on wall with j..

$63.80 $31.90 Ex Tax: $29.00

Seca SE400 power adaptor

Baby Scales:Seca 334 Seca 336 Seca 374 Seca 376Column Scales:Seca 703 Seca 704 Seca 769 Seca 799Flat Scales:Seca 634 Seca 635 Seca 869 Seca 899..

$148.50 $74.25 Ex Tax: $67.50