Brass Calibration Weights - NMI Class 2

Brass calibration weights calibrated to NMI Inspector's Class 2 specifications

Available as single weights or as a boxed set

Mass values:

1mg +/-0.13mg    - sheet aluminium

2mg +/-0.13mg    - sheet aluminium

5mg +/-0.13mg    - sheet aluminium

10mg +/-0.17mg    - sheet aluminium

20mg +/-0.20mg     - sheet aluminium

50mg +/-0.27mg    - sheet brass

100mg +/-0.33mg    - sheet brass

200mg +/-0.40mg    - sheet brass

500mg +/-0.53mg    - sheet brass

1g +/-0.67mg    - solid knob mass

2g +/-0.80mg    - solid knob mass

5g +/-1.1mg    - solid knob mass

10g +/-1.3mg    - solid knob mass

20g +/-1.7mg    - solid knob mass

50g +/-2.0mg    - lead adjusted knob mass

100g +/-3.3mg    - lead adjusted knob mass

200g +/-6.7mg    - lead adjusted knob mass

500g +/-16.7mg    - lead adjusted knob mass

1kg +/-33mg    - lead adjusted knob mass

2kg +/-67mg    - lead adjusted knob mass

5kg +/-167mg    - screwed T handle mass

10kg +/-333mg    - screwed T handle mass

20kg +/-667mg    - screwed T handle mass

Not supplied with a calibration certificate, but available at extra cost

Prices on application. Please state mass values and quantity required in your inquiry.

*Minimum Tax Invoice value of $50-00 ex GST/delivery

Calibration Weights
ValueFrom 1mg to 20kg
Calibration CertificateNot included - available at extra cost

Brass Calibration Weights - NMI Class 2

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